Our team will be able to make all knowledge and know-how available to you thanks to the study and consequent certifications achieved over years of operation and direct application in the field.

An adaptable and innovative working method, in which all your needs will be taken into consideration and elaborated on the fundamental phases of the software life cycle.

Using a WORKING METHOD that ADAPTS to your needs based on the fundamental phases of the software life cycle.


To explain how we work, let’s first show it to you!

Phase 1


As in any process, the starting point is the analysis of the requirements.

We listen to you to know exactly your expectations and what you need, through a collection of requirements.

Integration of company management with your E-Commerce and Amazon

The collection of requirements was carried out at the customer’s premises; All the actors interested in the changes to the procedures necessary for the integration of the Amazon marketplaces were heard, both in relation to the sales and purchase of products, and in relation to the management of the warehouse and shipments. In this phase, the modus operandi of the various departments was analyzed, not only the “what I do” but also the “how I do it”.

Street Food to order from the web and from the app

The customer decided to enter the street food sector, so his need was to have a system that would allow him to receive reservations in order to organize the kitchen on a means of transport.
The service first started as a service provided for companies, after which it was extended to private individuals.

Phase 2


After the initial comparison, the design phase begins in which we apply our experience to the collected requirements: the best possible solution is our goal.


On the basis of the collected requirements, modifications or new interfaces and functions of the existing management system were hypothesized, as well as changes to the operational processes of the personnel and to the workflows for managing items and orders.
The project was documented and described in detail and shared with the client. Downstream of a further comparison, changes were discussed and made to the project where necessary or required.


Based on the needs analysis, the system has been designed which provides on the one hand the graphical interface through which users can view the menus, register and order, while on the other hand the system accessible to the staff has been designed, i.e. who is responsible for deciding the menus, who drives the means of transport and who prepares the dishes.
In this e-commerce (completely customizable) the integration of different online payment methods (eg Satispay) and a geolocation system was envisaged that would allow private customers to view the “food truck” if positioned within a certain kilometer radius.

Phase 3


Whether it is an ad hoc software development or an integration between existing systems, our goal is customer satisfaction.
Our team is completely composed of full-stack people who have transversal skills on multiple technologies.
Where possible, moreover, we collaborate with the other divisions of the fastERA® group, each focused on a specific IT sector, thus allowing us to optimize time and costs, offering you any type of solution at competitive prices in a reasonable time.


On the basis of the documentation approved by the customer, the development of the applications began. The development and releases were carried out at “milestones”, taking into account the critical issues and the impacts of the changes to be made (eg for the particular type of product treated, it was decided not to make changes to the interfaces and processes that manage shipments during the Christmas period).


Once the project was approved, the priorities for the implementation of the various functions were established, which were then developed and released according to the Continuos Feedback method in the test environment: as these functions came to life, the customer provided feedback on the correct implementation. requests or desired changes that best reflected your needs.

Phase 4


Everything that is produced in step 3 is carefully verified and shared with you to make sure we have done our best.
We care so much about your feedback because our work is based on customer satisfaction and every direct comparison is essential to always be at the top.


Every single release foreseen by the “milestones” has been tested and shown to the customer. On the basis of the tests carried out, further information and feedback were collected and it was confirmed that what was produced was congruent with the initial requests.


In addition to the continuous cycle tests carried out during the development of the software, tests were then carried out on the finished product, i.e. in its entirety, not only for the backend part (menu configuration, order collection, fluidity and correctness of payments), not only for users of the service via the Web, but also for users of the App service, for systems based on Android and for systems based on iOS.

Phase 5


As in any process, the starting point is the analysis of the requirements.

Once you have verified that the implemented solution corresponds exactly to your request, it will be released on your turnkey systems.


After approval, every single “milestone” has been released. The release was followed by a controlled operating period, during which changes were needed for further improvements to the project. Small bugs were also detected, or particular situations that were not taken into consideration during the analysis phase which, in the case of minor changes, were immediately carried out and released. As regards more complex changes, additions have been made to the project, analyzed, estimated and released as described in the previous phases.


At the end of the test cycle with the customer, the whole package was published as a website and as an App, one for each dedicated Store.
A monitoring period was designed to detect small imperfections and correct them instantly, based on the reports received not only from the client client but also from the end users.

Phase 6

Support and maintenance

After the release phase, if you wish, we can provide you ASSISTANCE and MAINTENANCE for your new solution 24 hours a day every day of the year upon specific request (through our system ticketing) or with a guarantee fee that we can agree together.


To ensure exclusive and dedicated assistance, only if necessary, the customer has opted for the purchase of a standard hours package. For more info click here

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